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Greetings from ZOE for Life!

LIVONIA, MI -- The Michigan chapter of ZOE for Life continues to grow, slowly but surely.  We have formed a personal relationship with many of the moms that we have been ministering to for 18 months, still providing them with diapers, wipes and age-appropriate clothing.  We look forward to seeing their infants/toddlers as they grow during our visits to Sts. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral in Detroit on the first Sunday of each month.

During the Nativity Fast season, we were incredibly blessed to receive a magnanimous financial contribution from an anonymous donor who attends St. Vladimir Orthodox Church in Ann Arbor (ROCOR).  The only stipulation that the donor made was that it be used wherever and however ZOE deemed fit to help the moms we serve.  Perhaps to pay a delinquent utility bill, a car repair, a down payment on rent, etc.  We will be very judicious in how and where we spend these funds, keeping in mind ZOE’s mission and the needs of the moms and children that we serve.

This windfall has and will allow us to expand our outreach beyond simply providing moms with diapers and layette items (not that those things aren’t gratefully appreciated and needed!).  For instance, the vehicle of one of our moms broke-down in early January and she could not afford to fix it.  ZOE was able to pay for the repair, to include a much needed tune-up and a new set of tires.  Without this generous donation, we would not have been able to assist her.  She was so very thankful, because she is a single mom (as are all of the women we minister to), had a part-time job and was so fearful that she would lose her employment without reliable transportation.

Very recently (February 19), the car of another one of our moms was vandalized while she was attending the hot meal that Orthodox Detroit Outreach (ODO) provides to the homeless and poor at Sts. Peter & Paul every Sunday.  She was so distressed to walk out to her van, only to find that the windshield wipers had been torn off while she and her 2 young children were enjoying their dinner!  Once again, “ZOE to the rescue” and we were able to pay for the replacement of her windshield wipers.

What would be a minor bump in the road for many of us is a huge financial burden to the poor and needy that we serve and can mean the difference between feeding their children or paying a bill.  We are so grateful to work closely with ODO... between their goods works and ZOE’s ministry, we are able to heed God’s call to feed the hungry and clothe the poor.

We appreciate your continued prayers and spiritual support.  Any monetary donations you are able to provide will be accepted with great joy!  Checks can be made payable to "ZOE for Life! – Livonia, MI" and mailed to P.O. Box 258, Farmington, MI 48332.

With love in Christ,

ZOE for Life! – Livonia, Michigan
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